Cost of Supervision (online):

Individual Supervision: 

For a 50-60 minute online session: £60

Extended Support Package (including phone/email support between meetings): 

£80 a month for a specific agreed timescale

Early Career Support Package (including phone/email support between meetings:

£65 a month for a specific agreed timescale

Group Clinical Supervision 

The cost is a £20 contribution to the group. Groups are facilitated by me or another  supervisor from the group. 

Groups are closed groups for 3 months and then reviewed. At the time of review new members may join a group if places are available. Sometimes new groups are set up.

Just ask if you are interested in joining a Clinical Supervision Group. 

ARC Supervision Training (online): 

ARC Supervision Training: 4.30-5.00 hours – £150

If you run a practice with several clinicians and would be interested in engaging in a contract for supervision for the needs of your staff then please contact me to discuss how this might work in practice. 

New Developments:

Strategy Seminars – linked to Self Development Reflective Practice (CPD Series)

A Calendar of Stand Alone Seminars spotlighting ‘needs’ which often come up in conversations with colleagues will available. This is CPD for Self Development/Reflective Practice. There will be a presentation of techniques/theory on the Seminar topic e.g. Having a Good Day at Work; Time Management Techniques. This short presentation will be followed by guided reflective conversation between those attending. Learning and sharing insights through discussion.

Cost: £40

Stand Alone Themed Supervisions

These will be ad hoc group supervision session on those themes which SLTs often bring to supervision. I’m interested in what we, as SLTs, bring to our supervision sessions and if there are any patterns. It is possible to determine some strong themes and sessions will be offered around these. It’s a relationship based profession, our relationships with clients or colleagues and the difficulties & dilemmas.

The working plan is for dates to be released and advertised and you can book in if interested. Likely subjects are ‘juggling’ (priorities), difficult scenarios in SEN support, Video-Conferencing (Online) therapy and conversations with families. Independent practice in the context of Covid-19, Building up a new business/practice … and so on.

Maximum of 8 attendees. Cost: £30