CPD Series of Seminars

CPD Seminars (for Continuing Professional Development)

A Calendar of Stand Alone Seminars, spotlighting those ‘topics’ which frequently arise in supervisory conversations is available. This is CPD for your Self Development/Reflective Practice.

The format is a presentation of techniques/theory on that months topic e.g. Having a Good Day at Work; Time Management Techniques. This short presentation will be followed by structured conversation in small groups, facilitated by Ruth, between those attending. Learning some theory and sharing insights and networking with colleagues.

This Calendar of CPD Seminars is now part of ARC-Academy CPD.

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Cost: £45 per person.

Running Order:

Introductions/Networking – 15 mins

Direction Setting Presentation showcasing theory /approaches & setting the scene for discussions -approx 30 mins

Comfort break – 5 minutes

Structured Conversation, Reflecting on topic in small groups – 30 mins

Take aways – Strategies Summary – What’s come out of todays discussions? 15 mins

Seminars last between 1:30 – 1:45hrs. Please note this is approximate as length can vary depending on contributions of attendees during the seminar!