Bookable Supervision Group

Ad Hoc Supervision


After several recent requests Group Supervision is returning! However the booking and conditions have changed to enable consistently viable group numbers and effective administration.

These group supervisions are bookable on an ad hoc basis. There are 6 places available on a first come first served basis.

The groups are focused on paediatric caseloads. If numbers allow other specialisms such as Fluency/ Voice (children /adult caseloads) may be possible – so please always email and register your interest with Ruth.

Booking is now via Eventbrite.

The timing will be around the end of the school day.

The Cost is £45 per group. Ruth will endeavour to schedule 6 ‘group sessions’ a year.

Benefits for Individual Supervisees

Those therapists who have individual supervision with Ruth on a minimum of a half termly basis will now get preferential access/reduced rate. Ruth will explain when you have your next session. Access to 3 of these group supervisions a year will be part of ARCs offer for those who sign up for individual supervision. This is, of course, dependant on a supervisee having an appropriate caseload (usually school aged/early years caseload).

Currently there is a high demand for group supervision from therapists working in school based/complex needs roles.


To go ahead a Group needs at least 4 people to sign up for it on Eventbrite a week before it is scheduled. If there are not 4 supervisees then the group is not viable and will be cancelled at that point.

It would still be possible to sign up for the group in the days leading up to the group if places were unfilled.

A reminder will be sent out to those who have ‘signed up’ before the session.

It is really difficult to plan group supervisions, as there really does need to be at least 4 people attending for it to ‘feel like’ a group conversation. Sometimes late cancellation by supervisees is unavoidable, but there are instances of colleagues emailing on the day saying ‘Sorry I’ve forgotten’ or “Sorry I’ve had to put in a phone call’ and the remaining group members do not get the same group experience. This is why the ‘check on numbers’ 7 days before each group has been introduced.

However, If you need to cancel within 24 hours of a scheduled group for an unavoidable reason e.g. due to a family emergency then please email Ruth at ARC Supervision.

What to Bring to Supervision?

You could bring a case where you are wondering about how to proceed, or things seem to have ‘got stuck”. Certainly anything where you have ‘carried something which happened in the session away with you afterwards’ and kept returning to it and ‘mulling over’ what happened is relevant. You could also bring a ‘situation or scenario’ and talk about the relationships/dynamics/personalities involved and dilemmas about how to move forward. This could be clinical or a relationship with another professional or colleague. It is often valuable to think in terms of bringing a situation /scenario to supervision – the clinical context, compliance, relationships, dissatisfaction and so on.

Sometimes a supervisee wishes to focus on a theme like ‘juggling” workloadpriorities or Work/Life Balance and this is very relevant in supervision, which is about more than the clinical part of our working life.

During each group as many supervisees as possible will present a case, but sometimes there is a decision by the group to focus on 2 or 3 cases in depth. Listening and contributing to a case presented by a colleague is an important part of supervision. Although the Group Leader tries hard to include all supervisees, occasionally this isn’t possible. The Running Order (Agenda) is always discussed/ agreed at the beginning of each session.

A Contract is difficult for an ad hoc group and so this page of information serves in lieu of a supervision contract. Each supervisee has a responsibility to sign up, cancel with consideration for the other group supervisees. The Ground Rules are simply what we already adhere to professionally as SLTs – respecting others have different opinions, giving others time and space to speak etc.

Running Order for Group Supervisions:
Intros & networking/ “Hi Who’s Here Today”

Setting the Agenda’ Who will present a case and the order

Space for supervision around individual issues  

Take aways/Summary. What’s come out of today’s discussions?

After each Group a Summary of Themes /learning points/references will be sent out for your CPD records.

Group Approach – Ruth will bring in reflective supervision, along with solution focused, appreciative and strengths based approaches. It is important that the supervision feels like a supportive yet reflective conversation.


Ad Hoc Group Reflective Supervision
Ideas needed, feeling ‘stuck’ with a case. Relationships around the case making management difficult. Bring a case and reflect with Ruth and others on your next steps.
Bring a Case to Reflective Supervision
Ideas needed, feeling ‘stuck’ with a case. Relationships around the case making management difficult. Bring a case and reflect with Ruth and others on your next steps