ARCs 1st Stand-Alone Seminars are being planned.

Manage your Energy not your Time. As part of ARCs mission to equip practitioners will self development skills making it more likely that we will have a ‘Good Day’s at Work” a Seminar on Energy Management and how it links with Time Management is planned.

This will be followed by Golden Nuggets from Positive Psychology which has benefits for practitioners and also for some clients. The materials initially developed by Penn State will be drawn upon for this Seminar.

Juggling in Life; Roles & Goals – taking inspiration from Stephen Covey’s Habits of Highly Successful People. Where do we put our focus in weekly life … What do we miss out on when we juggle work and home priorities.

Mindful Thinking – utilising mindfulness but more especially a Mindful Thinking approach in daily life. A simple technique which reduces stress and anxiety. Part of the essential Self Development Toolkit.